Run for the hills, the scalpers are coming.

Scalping threatens Big Day Out.

Apparently The Big Day Out is in danger of being canceled because there are
people out there that are buying tickets and then reselling them to other
people. That’s right, people are paying for a commodity.

It’s capitalism gone mad folks. I knew this whole supply and demand thing would
be the death of us all and now here’s the proof.

The deal is people are stocking up on tickets for big events then reselling
them online using sites such as eBay, usually for a decent profit.

The organisers are of course outraged. The thing I don’t really understand is
why they’re so upset. Let’s face it, the tickets had to be purchased before
they could be resold. That means the organisers of the concert / cricket match
/ useless waste of public space have already made the money they intended to

The scalpers are selling their tickets which means there is a market for them
and people are willing to pay the price that the market demands. The end user
does have the right to not pay and therefore not attend the event of their
choosing but they do pay and they do attend.

Of course the organisers could ban any tickets they found were resold but who
does that really hurt? The scalper already has their money, it’s the poor slob
that’s willing to pay extra for their ticket that cops it in the neck. That’s
hardly looking after the viewing public now is it?

So now the event organisers want the government to step in and stop these
people from making the profit that properly belongs to them. I mean it’s not
like they can do anything to stop it (like making the viewer present the credit
card or id used to purchase the ticket on attendance) so it’s definitively a
job for the government.

But until then the scalpers will continue to make money while the event
organisers whinge about all that money that’s so rightfully theirs.

Now if you will excuse me I’m off to buy a heap of Burt Bacharach tickets. I
here they’ll make a mint on eBay.

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