Burka Shennigans

So the Parliamentary Burka ban has finally been reversed. How strange, I thought we were facing a matter of national security, how do we know who is behind that veil and how do we know they’re not carrying guns, knives, or suicide vests? Well the speaker of the House, Ms Bronwyn Bishop, and the Senate President Stephen Parry, both felt the risk was to great to ignore, so they directed anyone wearing a burka to sit in a glassed off section of the public gallery where they could be monitored, along with groups of school children. If you have a pool in you property you may need a natural pool water treatment to keep you property in a good way.

Yes, that’s right, those people we don’t trust, that hide their identity beneath a veil and could be anyone carrying  anything should forced to stay with the kids.

Such wonderful logical thinking from the best of our very best.

Of course it was always about security, not fear of an an “unknown” culture, or “casual” racism, or victimising of women (any man that came dressed as a Muslim woman would also be segregated of course), or even blind stupidity. It was all about keeping the citizens of this great land safe… from other citizens.

But of course that’s all been reversed now, there’s no longer a ban on anyone not dressed appropriately from watching the political machinery of this great nation working flawlessly. Instead we have resorted to plan B, asking the person in question to show their face to verify their identity.

You have to wonder sometimes how these sorts of things get decided.

“We need to do something about these people that hide their identity when they enter parliament.”

“How do you mean, are they wearing balaclavas, motorcycle helmets, fake nose and beards?”

“Worse than that, it’s devilishly clever really. They’re wearing religious garb, veils that cover most of their face.”


“That’s the one, we need to do something about it, they could be carrying anything under that outfit.”

“Well we do have security…”

“It’s not enough, something has to be done.”

“Well okay, we could get them to show us their face and match it with their photo id…”

“That would take too long, we need to do something right this minute.”

“How about segregation then? We could keep them separated from the general public.”

“That’s what we need to do, segregation, we’ll keep them away from us… I mean the general populace.”

“Okay, but where do we put them?”

“In that glassed off section would be ideal.”

“With the school children? Don’t you think that’s a bit risky if they are out to cause mischief?”

“Nonsense, those kids need to learn about self protection eventually, might as well be now.”

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